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Sue Lewis

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I have been drawing and painting since before I can remember, although it wasn't until about 1990 that I started to take myself a little more seriously as an artist.


That's when I started to paint in watercolor and invest in workshops and training to learn more about technique, color and to paint, paint , paint!


I moved on to work in acrylic, collage, and most recently, encaustic (hot wax) and cold wax and oil. I like to think of myself as an intuitive artist ... letting things evolve and trusting the mediums.


I have been involved in studio tours, solo and group shows and have taught courses in all manner of art, journaling and creativity over the years.

I have moved my Studio to Uptown Waterloo in June of 2019 and am enjoying the community of Artists there.


I truly believe that we are all Artists!  Whatever our chosen art form may be ... we need to flex our creative muscles in the same way we need to get out there for a walk and breathe.

"Remember the Magic within"

                                            - Anon







Susan Lewis           Inner Magic Studio              

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